Water Facts

Our water, sewer and stormwater systems are a critical part of our daily lives and businesses, probably more than we realize! They contain thousands of kilometers of pipes buried under our roads and sidewalks, large pumps that move water and wastewater through the pipes, and sophisticated equipment to treat water so that it is clean and safe to drink and release back to the environment.

There are thousands of water and wastewater systems in British Columbia, ranging from wells and septic systems that serve single homeowners, to large and complex systems that serve many households and businesses. Much of British Columbia’s water and wastewater infrastructure was built more than 50 years ago. According to Environment Canada, 40% of BC residents are served by water pipes that are more than 50 years old.

As this infrastructure ages, it is approaching the end of its useful life. The same way you need to replace the roof on your house, or your car after many years of use, our water and wastewater infrastructure needs to be replaced and upgraded too. Renewal and upgrade of our water systems is essential to our health and environment.