Take the pledge to protect our water

Show your love for BC’s water resources and systems by pledging to protect our water year round!


We are all stewards of our water, for this generation and the next—help protect our water resources and systems from pollution!

There are several actions you can take to help protect our water, from source to tap and drain and back to the receiving environment:

  1. Return unused and expired medications to the nearest pharmacy for proper disposal. Dropping off unused medications at the pharmacy prevents these substances from entering our waterways, where they can have negative effects on our drinking water and ecosystems.
  2. Dispose of chemicals, cleaning agents, and pesticides at my local collection depot. Chemicals, cleaning supplies or pesticides that are flushed down the drain are harmful to people, plants and the environment, and add to treatment costs. Dispose of these products at approved facilities.

  3. Throw disposable wipes in the trash, not the toilet. Many disposable wipe products do not break down in water, and can clog our sewer systems. Instead of flushing them down the toilet, throw them into the trash.

  4. Avoid pouring oils and grease down the drain. Oils and grease thicken in water, and can clog our sewers. In the kitchen, simply wipe up small amounts of cooking grease with a paper towel and put it in your municipal food scraps bin.

  5. Protect your local watershed. Water is part of a cyclical system that starts and ends with our rivers, lakes and oceans. Learn more and protect your watershed by understanding where your water comes from and goes to and getting involved in a local watershed protection group!

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Take the pledge to Take the pledge to protect our water water!