Show your love for our water resources and systems by pledging to support investment in water services.

Each day, we all rely on clean, safe water to drink and wash, and to flush waste from our homes and businesses. Tap water and our water systems help us stay hydrated, healthy and happy. There is no substitute.

Investment in water systems protects our health, environment and quality of life.

While water is provided by nature, there is a real cost for the pipes, pumps, equipment, and people who ensure it is safely delivered to our taps and returned to the environment.

Aging pipes and pumps, population growth, seismic hazards, and climate change are driving the need to invest in upgrades and the renewal of our water systems.

There are several actions you can take to help support safe and reliable water services now and into the future:

  1. Find out how much you pay for your own water and wastewater services. The first step to supporting your water services is understanding them. Pull out your utility bill and look at how much you are paying for your water and wastewater/sewer services. If you can’t find your utility bill, check out your municipality or community’s website as many offer access to utility bills online.
  2. Learn more about risks facing our water systems. Read the BC Water & Waste Association’s recent report, Are Our Water Systems at Risk?, which reveals that communities in BC will require at least $13 Billion of additional investment to replace existing water and wastewater systems.
  3. Encourage your elected officials to make water and sewer system renewal a top priority for community investment. By making sound choices today about priorities for existing tax dollars and setting user rates so that they cover the full cost of operating, maintaining, and replacing systems, we can sustain our water systems for this generation, and generations to come.

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