Water Week Raises Awareness in Dawson Creek

Posted on: May 08, 2015

There’s only two day’s left of “Drinking Water Week” in Dawson Creek, but officials are saying the cause should stretch far beyond Saturday.

The initiative, which hopes to raise awareness about the importance of protecting water sources from pollution and practicing water conservation, aims to promote the value of clean, drinkable water, something Eco Advisor Shana Labatch said is especially important for the Mile Zero City.

“Dawson Creek depends on a particular water shed based on the Kiskatinaw River and so in the summertime, when the water is low, we do experience some drought,” Labatch explained. “As a part of that experience, we’ve learned to conserve water a lot better than in the past or maybe in other communities.”

As the saying goes, children today are society’s leaders tomorrow, emphasizing the importance of offering water awareness presentation at local schools, with a message for both students and teachers.


Although the initiative is scheduled to wrap up on Saturday, May 9, officials are extending the awareness campaign for the younger groups around town with a Colouring Contest.  Those in grades three and under can pick up a colouring contest sheet from Dawson Creek City Hall and become eligible to win a mystery prize. Submissions must be handed back into City Hall by Friday May 22, or during the free swim event at the Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre Saturday, May 23.

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