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Metro Vancouver Rain Barrel Sales

A partnership between the City of Coquitlam, City of North Vancouver and the City of Vancouver will be bringing rain barrel sales to Metro Vancouver communities this summer.

Truckload sales will appear in various communities over five events throughout the spring and summer months  (dates and locations below). Hopes are that bringing the barrels to the community will make purchasing a barrel more accessible to residents, and that it will help boost awareness of the free water resources available in Metro Vancouver.

There are many benefits to installing a rain barrel:

  • Rain barrels collect and provide water that is free of chlorine, contains nutrients and organic material that are good for plants and soil, and it is at ambient temperature which is less of a shock to plants than cold drinking water;
  • Reduces the amount of treated drinking water required for gardens which could lead to a reduced water bill for metered residents; and
  • Rain barrels help absorb storm water in the winter months, which can reduce the rush of runoff going to the sewer and into streams.  This helps reduce the amount of wear and tear on the sewer system, can reduce flooding and combined sewer overflows, and can reduce the impact to the receiving natural water ways.


Dates and locations:

  • May 3, 1am to 3pm – Coquitlam Town Centre, near Inspirations Gardens
  • May 23, 9am to 2pm – Vancouver 2670 Victoria Drive – parking lot. Demonstration kiosk will be at the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market DigIn Festival
  • May 24, 10am to 3pm – North Vancouver Loutet Farm
  • June 13, 10am to 3pm – Vancouver VanDusen Gardens – 5251 Oak St. Pick up location is on driveway off of Oak St
  • June 14, 10am to 3pm – North Vancouver Loutet Farm
Location: Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Vancouver
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